Sunday, 21 April 2013

Let's get some shoes

I'm so half arsed I'm sorry, I've had very little free time over the past few months and the limited time I do have I spend watching Star Trek or looking for 1940s platforms in my size on etsy. The other day I realised that 1940s shoes might just be my favourite. The trouble is people had much daintier feet in the past. Whenever I find a pair that are the right length they're always crazy narrow. I blame the poor footwear choices I made in my teens for having such uncooperative feet these days.

Stanley Kubrick on the Retronaut
These were on etsy but they're long since sold, I like to keep pictures of the items I missed on etsy.

I feel sort of like this except the shoes are dangling just out of my reach.
These are exactly the ones I want but they're not big enough. They even have their original box. From

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