Tuesday, 9 October 2012

1970s Pocahontas Inspired Purchases

I've been busy with work over the past month so I haven't posted, but I found time to continue spending. I'm going to try to catch up real fast on all of the nice things I've bought, starting with this post about my recent purchases which were influenced by Native Americans, girls with really long hair, attractive desert scenery and nature stuff, and Cher in the 70s.
Clockwise from top left: Cher source unknown; Girl in floral trousers for UO by Petra Collins; Redrock Canyon, Kern County from National Geographic, 1942; Girl drawing source unknown; Life magazine image from retronaut.co; Woman bathing source unknown, teepee image from liketotallykitsch.tumblr.com 
(Sorry for the unknown sources, I save a lot of images from tumblr and then forget where I found them.)
The suede skirt below was actually bought for me by my mother in River Island when I was 17, the belt was €6 in Oxfam, the handmade feather earring is from etsy, it was $16 before shipping (if you're in the market for some kind of feather thing to attach to your head this shop has a nice selection), the silver fox fur is also from etsy and cost $29.50 before shipping, and the moccasins were etsy again and cost $20 before shipping.

Soft soled moccasins are really comfortable for walking on grass or sand but not so much on cobbles.

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